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About Us

PTS Electronics Inc. is the nation’s number one Repair and Return Servicer in the television module industry. We currently support 1,800 test stations for live air product testing and add to that number as manufacturers release new models. Our technicians are trained to ensure that all product meets OEM functionality and cosmetic standards, including smart TV data-wipe for the protection of personal data. We strive to provide the highest-quality repair solutions possible through the implementation of our own detailed failure data analysis.

In addition to our Repair and Return capabilities, we are one of the largest providers of replacement television boards in the country. PTS Electronics offers replacement modules from the world’s leading brands, including Sony, Samsung, Vizio and more. We currently maintain a stock of over 120,000 boards, and our goal is to provide each customer with a solution to repair their television set whether through sourcing the part from our inventory, or sending their defective board in for Repair and Return.

Our current client-base includes Independent Service Dealers, National Retail Chains, General Line Distributors, third party maintenance companies and major corporations in the high-tech sector. We differentiate ourselves from other service providers in the industry with our technical expertise, internally developed knowledge databases, triage and repair processes, and specialized equipment.



PTS Electronics Inc.

2000 S. Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN  47403