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Cores & Duds

PTS Procurement Programs

Core Board Purchase:

PTS offers a core purchase program for numerous items.  If a core value has been assessed for a specific board/item, the core purchase option and price will be listed on the specific board/item description page.  For example, if the buy now selection says "Buy from our inventory ($30.00 Core charge included)" that will indicate this specific item has been deemed to have a core value associated with the board.  Another way you will be able to determine if the board you have purchased has a core value will be through reviewing the invoice you receive within the package containing the board from your outright purchase from us.  This invoice will show a dollar amount listed under the "Core Value" heading.  If you choose to take advantage of the core credit, all funds generated for core returns will be applied to your account as an in store credit, once the item has been received back and processed at our facility.

Dud/Inoperable Board Purchase:

PTS offers a dud/inoperable purchase program for various items.  If interested in having our Purchase Team review a list of dud boards you may want to sell, please submit the list to us through our email at  Once the list has been reviewed you will be provided with a list of purchasable items and issued a RMA number allowing you to send these items to us for processing.  All authorized dud purchases must contain a PTS issued RMA and will be eligible for return up to 30 days from the date of the RMA issuance.  All items received through this program are subject to physical inspection and may void the RMA if found to be damaged.  Substitution boards/items received are subject to additional approval.  Dud processing and associated credits may take up to four (4) weeks from the receipt at our facility for processing.

Prepaid Shipping Program

If your authorized dud RMA is valued at $100.00 or more, you may be eligible to participate in our prepaid shipping label program.  Please contact our Customer Support Team for additional information regarding eligibility.