TXNSN1PKUU Panasonic SN (TNPA5349AB)

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TXNSN1PKUU Panasonic SN (TNPA5349AB)
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  • TXNSN1PKUU Panasonic SN (TNPA5349AB)  -Picture2
  • TXNSN1PKUU Panasonic SN (TNPA5349AB)
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This SN board manufactured by Panasonic can be found in different model numbers and has other board numbers that are exact substitutes, please see our equivalents board list below. PTS Electronics offers two ways to service your TV by purchasing one of the boards out of our inventory, that we will rework and test in a live test fixture or the second option is to send us the board out of your TV and let us repair it, with this option the board you need is always in stock. Once again all boards will be tested in a live fixture and ran through two different quality checks to ensure that a quality product is shipped back to you. Please compare our prices to other online sources and remember that we have free shipping on all orders placed on our site regardless of what option you choose.

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